Russell K Shores - LS 5

Russell K Shores learnt to play the bass when a friend pointed out he was only playing the first four strings on his electric guitar. If ever there was a natural-born bassist, here he is.

Now Russell displays his awesome talent on an album of seven songs that is as refreshing and uplifting as it is dazzling.

The album – ‘L.S 5’ – was written for his wife Lola, but it is more like a present for the world of music. A combination of jazz, funk, soul and blues, of new compositions and old favourites, it is as good a debut album as you are likely to hear this year.

His talent for bass has earnt Russell rave reviews from people who know their apples. And all that talent is evident on this collection. From accomplished covers such as ‘I Shot The Sheriff’ and ‘Ain’t No Stopping Us Now’ to his own slap-happy tunes, every one of the tracks is guaranteed to be loved by bass aficionados and casual listeners alike.

Taking his inspiration from legends of the low tones such as Stanley Clarke, Chuck Rainey and Jaco Pastorius, and armed with a degree in music, Russell both learns from the greats and contributes something new to the pantheon.

Having made music and performed since the age of 12, and having shared a stage with the likes of Diana Ross and Julian Lennon, Russell is ready to step out of the shadows and show what he is capable of.

He might have picked up the bass by accident, and he might only have written the album for his wife, but ‘L.S 5’ is a record that is set to captivate millions.

~ taken from / Video by Stereophile1MKD


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